QUOTE TOPICS are primarily quotes, listed by post, and PANDEMONIUM is everything else we find entertaining, regardless of its nature. Easy enough right? Most of the content in Pandemonium is naughty at best; and who doesn’t like to get naughty every now and then? I know I do. However, sensitive people may find some Pandemonium content distasteful, possibly even objectionable. With all due respect, our material is for entertainment purposes only, it is not our intention to injure anyone's precious brain cage. If you are easily offended by jokes about the naughty bits of life, swearing and such, you probably want to go back to the other pages, relax, and listen to all of the beautiful music, and read all of the quotes!

If you are concerned at all about what you will be reading here, there is a simple test: watch any of the following entertainers on YouTube - Anthony Jesilnik, Amy Schumer, Louis C. K., Lisa Lampenelli, Bill Burr, and Buddy Hackett (old school). I could increase the list ad infinitum but let’s face it, if these people don't turn your hair white and make your teeth fall out then you're probably OK looking at this stuff. For those rascals who just want to have a little look see please remember "honesty is the best policy." You are now aware!

If you have perused all of the categories of Pandemonium and the Quotorium and still can't pull yourself away from your fascinating journey through Sensational Sayings; how about some interested background thoughts on what Pandemonium means to us!

The dictionary defines pandemonium as a noun; wild uproar or unrestrained disorder; tumult or chaos. A place or scene of riotous uproar or utter chaos.

Therefore, as the name would suggest this is a place where;

"We don't need no stinkin’ badges."

Having said that; this site isn't triple X rated. Of course, we are happy to veer off into the R, or even X rated, if we consider something to be so stupidly funny it is of historical value comedically. And we take great pleasure in the senseless.

Humor and deep philosophical and spiritual concepts often go together. Well, often may be overstating the theory, but it could happen. So our quotes, stories, jokes, sayings etc. can and will be at various times sophisticated, complex, even spiritual, and they will also be "football in the groin" or "pie in the face". Wiener!

So what does this all mean? If you want to puke up the great unwashed stream of consciousness, also known as your interior rage monologue, and put your mind on external speaker to impart your tirade, which depicts your unfiltered multitudinous crazy thought-rants, and screaming feeling-shrieks that pass through your mind twenty four hours of the day, that ain’t gonna happen here.

If you must exorcise the internal brainstorm stuff that's been waiting like a Tasmanian devil to escape your mind-cage here’s what you can do. Go back to your computer, sign up to a web host of your choice, start your own site and have at it.

What the definition does not imply but is actually going to happen:

We use the word unrestrained; this is referring to us. Same with disorder!

It also means we will be monitoring for stuff we don't like.

From a philosophical perspective, intelligence is a vast minefield, especially if treated as including one or more of: consciousness, thought, free will, and mind. Fortunately for would-be tumulters, though, we are not overly concerned with the philosophical. Although traceable back to at least Aristotle’s time, profound arguments about the "what is entertainment" concept will continue to swirl around. Pandemonium!

If you have a great quote or what have you, that you feel merits a place on the Seven Sensational Sayings list please feel free to fill add it in the comments section of any posts, or send it along via the CONTACT form in the CONTACT page. Particularly if you have any original quotes. We will be happy to look them over. Who doesn’t like to see their name in lights, even if it’s only tiny little LED lights on someone's electronic device?

At this point I would like to quote Lt. Steven Hauk (Bruno Kirby), when he is asking if he can replace Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams) as the radio announcer in the movie Good Morning Vietnam: “Sir, in my heart, I know I’m funny!”

Seconds before the mike is turned on for Lt. Steven Hauk’s first show, the producer looks at him and says: “I know funny and I don’t think you’re it.”

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