Here are some brain teasers for you to figure out.

There are two doors. You must enter one of them. One of the doors takes you to hell, and the other door takes you to heaven, but obviously you don’t know which door is which.

In front of the each door there is one of two twin brothers guarding it. The only thing you know for sure is one of the brothers always lies and the other brother always tells the truth. You can only ask one question of one of the brothers to figure out which door you must enter to get into heaven. Of course you don’t know which brother is the liar and which brother is the truth teller.

You only get to ask one question before making up your mind which door you must enter: What is the question to be?

Go up to either one of the brothers and ask this question: “Which door will your brother point to if I ask him to point to the door that leads to heaven?” When the brother you asked the question to points to a door, don’t take that door. Take the other door.

Explanation: If you asked the brother that is the liar, he will point to the hell door because he knows that his truth telling brother will point to the heaven door; so he will lie. If you asked the truth telling brother he will point to the hell door because he knows that his lying brother will point to that door. In either case take the other door and enjoy your time in heaven.

There is a 6-digit number! The tens digit is 2 more than the ones digit. The hundreds digit is 2 less than the tens digit. Now the hundreds digit is again equal to the thousands digit. The ten thousands digit is 2 more than the thousands digit and the hundred thousands digit is 2 less than the ten thousands digit. What is the number?

This is a bit of a trick question because there are a few options: 686686 or a similar combination, like 575575, etc.

A man went on a trip with a fox, a goose, and a basket of corn. He came upon a river which he would have to cross, but there was only a tiny boat to use; with enough room for himself and one of the other three things – the fox, the goose, or the corn – to cross at a time. He could not leave the fox and the goose together because the fox would eat the goose. He could not leave the goose with the corn because the goose would eat the corn. How does he get all of them safely on the other side of the river?

Take the goose over first and come back. Then take the fox over and bring the goose back. Now take the corn over and come back alone to get the goose. Take the goose over and the job is done!

I’m as small as an ant, as big as a whale.

I’ll approach like a breeze, but can come like a gale.

By some I get hit, but all have shown fear.

I’ll dance to the music, although I can’t hear.

Of names I have many, of names I have one.

I’m as slow as a snail, but from me you can’t run.

Your shadow!

You have a five gallon jug and a three gallon jug. You also have a hose with unlimited water. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it; you have exactly two minutes to get four gallons of water into the five gallon jug using just the items you have. You do not have any external way of measuring the amount of water. Get started! (Spoiler alert: If you’ve ever seen the movie Die Hard with a Vengeance then you should know the answer to this puzzle!)

You fill the five gallon jug up and pour it into the three gallon jug. Then dump the three gallon jug out and pour what was left in the five gallon jug  into the three gallon jug. You now have two gallons in the three gallon jug. Fill the five gallon jug up and pour it into the three gallon jug to fill it up. You now have four gallons left in the five gallon jug.

The end!

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